Caz Williams illustration

Hello, I'm Caz Williams. I create stories and illustrations for children. I spent many years in illustrator denial, but I'm relieved to say that I'm out of the closet now.

I like to work in pencil and watercolour, and am also using digital methods to create artwork. You can see some recent illustrations on my blog.

Several years prior to parenthood, I learned the value of quality picture books in children's lives. I was so inspired that I started a collection of beautiful books, hoping that one day I'd share them with my children. I now have two boys, and we share those picture books daily. We especially love quirky and humorous styles of storytelling.

Caz Williams

I feel very fortunate to be associated with many talented writers and illustrators through the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). I have learned so much by attending local and international SCBWI events such as WA's Rottnest Retreat and the Annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles.

For almost ten years I worked in graphic design, before completing a Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten through Primary). In 2011 I completed a Certificate in Professional Children's Writing. I'm a volunteer for, and member of the Children's Book Council of Australia (WA branch ...and once I met the Fonze!

It's been great having you here. I hope you enjoy my work and please, keep in touch!


t: +61 8 9562 0532
Perth, Western Australia

Twitter: @williamscaz